Lisa Berlin Jackson and Tender Evans, sweet like a blanket & cool

HEN is a performance troupe, but we do more too.

we offer:

Nest Visits, Ma'amorization Club, Chores, Clowning, Birthdays of all ages, Bootleg Character Appearances, Speeches for special occasions, Vocal Massage (Spa Treatment through Vocal Envisioning), Face Painting, Caricatures/Portraits, Customized Rites of Passage, Singing Telegrams, Student Films, Radio Broadcasts, Emceeing/Hosting, Illness Visits, Coaching of any kind, Voicemail Recordings, Voice Over Work, Cartooning, Sign Painting/Waving, Custom Cheers, Video, Previewing Teen Shows for Busy Parent Approval, "Scared" "Straight" (absurdist and loving disciplinary tactics to undermine bad habits), Interview Toddlers and the Elderly for Biographies, Makeup, Spokesmodeling, Arts & Crafts, Extras, Performance Art Extras, Business Meetings, Strategize your DIY Career, Panel Judges, Cameos, Ushers/Acolytes, Blurb Writing, Quiz/Test Prep and Moderators, Poll Work, Cheerleading, Guinea Pig, Focus Group, Telethon/Fundraising Events, Diversions & Distractions, Did Ya' Pack E'rthing Ya' Need?, We'd Love to Listen to your Demo & Write a Report, Practice Audience Members, Hand Holders During Scary Experiences (Tattoo, Thunderstorm, Birth), Lamaze Class Substitute Partner, Outfit Approvals/Shopping Partners, Reading Outloud, Audio Books, Toy Repurposing/Salvage, Walking Tour Guides, Play School, Lesson Presenters, Hen Portraits, Gifts & Games... Contact us for planning and booking!